Since his very first records, released while just a teenager, Joker has been re-shaping club music in his own vision for over a decade – bringing unparalleled colour and virtuosity to the dance music landscape while releasing anthems at a rate of knots.

Joker burst onto the scene in 2007 with a run of 12” releases that is still talked about as legendary to this day. Tracks like ‘Gully Brook Lane’, ‘Purple City’, ‘Snake Eater’ and ‘Digidesign’ (released through labels such as Hyperdub and Terrorhythm) drew from the 8-bit video game melodies of Joker’s childhood, his love and understanding of contemporary grime and crunk and a melodic sensibility way beyond his young years, and going to a UK club night without hearing them was nigh on impossible. At a point where dubstep was becoming greyscale, Joker’s colourful sound was the remedy, and in 2009 he was invited to play a landmark set at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival while still only 20.

So influential was Joker’s sound, in fact, that fans and writers started to refer to it as its own genre, named “purple” – a tribute to the evocative melodies and high-definition colour palette that made it so uniquely special. Resident Advisor ran an entire feature on the purple phenomenon, while FACT referred to Joker’s now-trademark sound as “uncompromisingly underground and shockingly accessible.” Joker’s influence wasn’t confined to the UK either: singles ‘Tron’ and ‘Digidesign’ both scored Pitchfork Best New Music accolades, and he toured the United States, Asia and Australia several times.

An accomplished songwriter as well as producer, Joker has collaborated with Jessie Ware, Sam Frank, Zak Abel, Rustie, Footsie and more in the past, bringing his writing ability to the forefront on his cinematic full-length albums The Vision and The Mainframe, released on 4AD and Joker’s own Kapsize label respectively.


The Bunker


Sunday 21 April 2019


Victoria Warehouse. Manchester


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